Assistance to members is articulated on technical-legal and regulatory, statistical and sustainability issues. From an operational point of view, it is organized into the help desk, Wikipackaging database and technical commissions.


The technical-legislative database is closely connected to current events and it also collects a variety of documentation such as legislative texts, opinions, position papers, rules in technical investigation, material alerts and more, available at any time, through access to the area reserved for members only.

The Commissions

Experts Technical tables exchanging ideas on cross-cutting and topical issues, aiming at drawing up operational guidelines for the industry. All experts are from associated companies


A technical and regulatory support, whose strength is the direct contact with experts: “real-time” answers by phone and by email.

Data Banks


The Italian Packaging Institute has legal and economic databases that can be consulted and downloaded free of charge by members, independently, from the site.


The Italian Packaging Institute provides ongoing and constant advising services to all its members.

It draws on the knowledge and experience of an esteemed group of experts and consultants, who promptly attend any issues related to the packaging supply chain.


Our Members

The Italian Packaging Institute major strength lies in its members, which include the entire supply chain, from raw materials to brand owners, creating an exquisitely technical network, unique in its kind. Focus of the activity is precisely the double perspective: on the one hand, suppliers of raw materials, technologies, packaging of different materials, on the other, the brand companies of different markets, with prevalence for the food and beverage sector. Representation associations, analysis laboratories and consulting firms of various kinds complete the supply chain.

The Italian Packaging Institute is part of an international network, in which it actively participates, with a role on the board



The Italian Packaging Institute vocation to spread the packaging technical-scientific culture finds space in editorial projects, aimed at specific targets.

We Are Packaging Fans offers simplified content, mainly for the consumers; The Packaging Community MAG is an online free press for B2B, which provides our members the option to spread information about their activities and business reality.

We Are Packaging Fans

It is a storytelling designed for the end user, so that he could understand and appreciate, with simple language and without technicalities, the added value that packaging brings to our daily life. Plenty of curiosities, case history and information, it is based on a single value: the correctness of information.

The Packaging Community MAG

It is a monthly basis online magazine. It photographs trends, offers focus on markets and shares all the Italian Packaging Institute activities with a B2B audience.

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Si tratta di un servizio personalizzato di supporto alle imprese per orientarsi  e intraprendere le decisioni più consone ai fini dell’art. 219 del Decreto Legislativo 3 aprile 2006 n.152, così come aggiornato dal Decreto Legislativo 3 settembre 2020, n. 116.