BeBio® System: we’ve made a film about sustainability

CCM Coop cartai Modenese

BeBio® System: The italian patent pending packaging system, by CCM Coop Cartai Modenese for the fresh gastronomy sector, consisting of an innovative paper closing film coated with biopolymer and the cardboard tray also with a biopolymer coating. The packaging is suitable for contact with all foods
and avoids the use of a traditional polymeric closing film. The Top is designed to be heat-sealed to
the tray, it guarantees a barrier to fats and humidity of the packaged food.
Once the closing film has been removed, the tray can be used in a traditional or microwave oven to
heat the food and/or to be stored in refrigeration/freezing conditions (without removing the film).
Innovation: An upgrade of the traditional packaging system that improves circularity by ensuring
the opportunity for double end-of-life and clear communication to the end consumer on use,
disposal and sustainability.
Raw materials: FSC® certified cellulose and compostable biopolymer, both from renewable
Sustainability: Compostable (OK COMPOST INDUSTRIAL certification) and recyclable in paper
(UNI 11743:2019 and Aticelca® Rating System).
Digital: The closing film, an innovation of BEBIO® SYSTEM, includes an interactive QR CODE that
informs about the sustainability pluses and can also be made in semi-transparent paper to make
the content visible

Finalist Best Packaging 2022