Eco-logiko packaging with an open / close and anti-burglary system

Arti Grafiche Reggiani Eko-logico
Arti Grafiche Reggiani has designed and patented a packaging with an open / close and anti-burglary system that does not require the use of plastic parts, contrary to what is on the market today. The solution that takes the name of "Eco-LogiKo" is entirely in cardboard, machinable, suitable for food (including frozen), pet food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics. The main impacts are: reduction of plastic, reduction of packaging complexity, optimization of transport, containment of costs and environmental impacts. The innovation makes the case easily separable, facilitating daily recycling activities. The solution guarantees the same functionality as the original product, regardless of its shape and size. The use of Eco-Logiko allows the elimination of the plastic cap, preventing its production, processing, transport, recycling or disposal; the optimization of palletization due to the new design allows for a decrease in road transport and therefore less CO2. The extension of the solution to the entire market would lead to significant savings in environmental and economic terms, with no changes to the production and processing system.
Finalist Best Packaging 2022