Education Istituto Italiano Imballaggio

The Institute has been involved in training activities for over 40 years.

The training activity is organized by THE PACKAGING MEETING SRL, a consultancy and training company, 100% controlled by the Institute.

The packaging education brand offers a complex and widespread activity for all operators of the packaging supply chain. It provides tools and insight on some privileged topics: industry legislation, standardization and certification, technology and research, logistics and market economy.

The expertise offered is aimed at a broad target consisting of raw materials production companies and finished packaging products operators, users in primary sectors such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemistry and other durable goods. Consultants and service staff are also frequent participants in the courses proposed by the packaging education and in particular: analysis laboratories, professional firm and advisory bodies, certification organizations and professionals.

A selected and qualified parterre of teachers and speakers highlights the human value of packaging education. Professionals, managers, scholars and academics guarantee high-level quality content.

Benefits for Italian Packaging Institute Members

Free participation in some of the main scheduled annual conferences

Concessionary fees granted for participation in courses, seminars, workshops and conferences

To learn more about the training offers promoted by the Italian Packaging Institute and organized by the Packaging Meeting Ltd.: