From the collaboration of Barilla Group and Taghleef Industries SpA, an innovation is born in the world of biscuits in bags: a new packaging material that allows consumers to open the package without using scissors or any other tool.

The new laminate of paper/metallized polypropylene was developed ad hoc by the two partners to achieve optimal levels of sealability and peelability, and its implementation required only a few small adaptations of the machines currently present in the Barilla Group biscuit factories.

A new possibility of opening the bag neatly without the use of scissors is a key feature for the consumer, always looking for more functionality. Eliminating scissors makes the solution also great for children to access the product safely.

The solution was launched for the Mulino Bianco brand and was communicated on the packaging on the front and back of pack, through a new graphical design with colored areas and icons that highlight the new opening gesture to the consumer.

The material can be used for all packages made with paper based materials laminated with a sealing metallized film, so it can be extended to all the brands of the Barilla Group.

Finalist Best Packaging 2022

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