Papertray: 89% of paper

Papertray di AFG srl

AFG S.r.l., specialized in food packaging, has always been deeply interested in alternative materials, which is the reason why it focuses on a particular kind of paper. This paper allows the production of food trays with technical performances similar to their plastic equivalent. The original application of the multilayer tray involves different polymers with PET as the main material. If thrown in our houses trash bin, this materials loses its potential value linked to a second life. The alternative proposed and brought to market in 2021 is a material that can be thrown into paper and recycled in the normal existing processes for paper. This material is 89% paper and replaces a rigid multilayer plastic tray that has an average weight of 25 g of plastic. In the case of the tray, switching from a non-sustainable packaging to a sustainable one has a more relevant absolute impact compared to other applications (such as flowpacks for example), as trays require thicker and therefore heavier materials. Currently,
in the European market this is the highest percentage of paper for this application. For this process, AFG has obtained ATICELCA C certification (indicating the level of recyclability of materials and products with a prevalence of cellulose), using FSC certified paper (guarantee that the product is made of wood or paper from responsible sources)