Reciflex PE, recyclable solution for feed for acquaculture

Di Mauro Flexible

Choose an equally sustainable packaging for a sustainable product.

This is the journey made with our customer Veronesi who was in search of a recyclable solution for his feeds for aquaculture. The line of products certified OMG free, created respecting the environmental impact, also needed a change in its packaging. The transition from a complex OPA/PE structure to a PE mono-film, produced by Di Mauro Flexible Packaging created a packaging in line with the principles of circular economy and sustainability. To ensure recyclability, the new packaging has been designed according to the most current guidelines (CEFLEX, RECYCLASS, etc.) by limiting as much as possible the extraneous components to the base polymer whose collection, selection and recycling flow is widely developed in Italy and in Europe. Recognized as 95% recyclable, the packaging has resulted in further added value for the range of Veronesi feeds. “

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